Universidad Nacional de Rafaela - 10/12/17 11:24 AM
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UNRaf Seminars of Thematic update
These are a series of open and free conferences lectured by well-known professionals in diverse academic and current topics. In the past editions, specialists in Geopolitics, Research and Development (R&D), Entrepreneurship, Economic Analysis of small and medium-sized companies and Industrial Design were summoned.  

Renewable energies and energetic efficiency for a sustainable planet
UNRaf enhances multidisciplinary studies related to energy and the environment. On this topic, it organizes different specializations and seminars oriented to the production of clean energy. Besides, UNRaf has recently conducted research projects focused on this field of studies.
Within these activities, UNRaf organized a Project Assessment Seminar on Renewable energies and energetic efficiency, which provided the attendees with tools to use in investment projects, co-generation and energetic efficiency in industry and residential areas.

Free culture to build and share knowledge
We hold the Free Culture Festival in which students, teachers, artists, designers, computer technicians and entrepreneurs, among others, shared workspaces with specialists and programmers connected with various organizations that promote the use of free software technology. 

Workshop of Management of Cultural Projects: transmedia strategy
It is a space of design and development of cultural projects oriented to the audio-visual, literal, musical, photographic or scenic production which are related to local and regional topics.  The general objective of the workshop is to generate training spaces linked to the community, aimed at the undergraduates of the Bachelor’s degree in Audio-visual and Digital Media.

Entrepreneurial culture for the development of new innovation projects
The incentive of the entrepreneurial culture is one of the transversal components of UNRAf’s academic proposal, and that is why the university is permanently developing various activities conducted by specialists of these topics. These activities seek to contribute theoretical and practical elements to develop innovative and competitive projects to students and the community in general.

It is possible to get access to the videos of all the events and activities in our web page www.unraf.edu.ar, YouTube Channel and fan page in Facebook.