Universidad Nacional de Rafaela - 10/12/17 11:21 AM
Bachelor’s degree in Administration and Management of Information 
Duration: 4 years.
Associate degree: University Technician in Administration and Management of Information (3 years) 

Manage and boost flexible and efficient organizations

Associating technology to management is a challenge for all organizations, either public or private. The permanent changes produced by the digital transformation require the training of new professionals capable of responding to these dynamic contexts.

The Bachelor’s degree in Administration and Management of Information incorporates and integrates the specific knowledge of the areas of Systems and Technologies to the basic formation of the Administration Sciences. This integration defines a new model of professionals, capable of interpreting and managing a surrounding that is constantly changing in an innovative way.

Professional field of action

The strategic combination between knowledge in the areas of administration, systems and technologies will allow the graduates to participate in the processes of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling in diverse organizations such as industries, service companies, and public organizations. They will be equipped with the necessary tools to connect and integrate the different sectors of the organization and to articulate it with the context it is immersed in.


Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design

Duration: 5 years.

Model and create the experiences and objects that will change the world.

How are the objects we daily use born? How do they evolve in their shapes and develop new functions? How can we create products that would transform people’s life positively. The professionals of Industrial Design are trained to search for multiple answers to these questions.

The Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at UNRaf has an innovative profile which trains creative professionals in the abilities to transform the environment through design. It will give you professional training to design or redesign products and objects in both industrial or hand-made scales using varied techniques and, at the same time, interpreting the needs and trends that emerge from the context in a flexible and multifaceted way.

Professional field of action

As an Industrial Designer graduated from UNRaf, you will be able to model the future by designing products that will generate transforming experiences in users. You might be able to work as an independent professional, as a consultant or adviser in a company (specially in small businesses), in the public office or in social organizations as well as in your own business venture. Besides, you can also work as a teacher or as a researcher in scientific-technological institutions.


Bachelor’s degree in Audio-visual and digital media.
Duration: 5 years.

Associate degree: University Technician in Audio-visual and digital media. (3 years)

Live in the creative universe of pictures and networks

Every instant, everywhere, millions of people watch videos and pictures in the Web. New networks and formats, languages, ways of communicating and sharing things emerge. Their contents make us laugh, get angry, get excited. Through these formats we seek information, get to know places and people, we sell or buy products, we help others and get together globally for social reasons.

This Bachelor’s degree gives you professional training to use the digital tools and the languages and narratives of audio-visual media creatively. Graduates will be able to design strategies, products and varied interactive large-scaled transmedia projects to contribute the formation of new identities and network audiences.

Professional field of action

Graduates will integrate multidisciplinary teams in design projects, digital picture and sound production, interactive media, audio-visual art and social Media.

They will be able to create digital transmedia projects of every kind such as journalistic, institutional, and advertising for production companies, private and public organizations that need to communicate their activities and contents.


Bachelor’s degree in Work Relations
Duration: 5 years.

Transform work in personal growth and collective development.

The centrality of work in our daily lives and its analysis as an integrative element in society, source of personal and social growth require professionals who will develop the labour potential in every organization, public or private. Organizing the way you work and the relationships that are established in their implementation represent management challenges, motivation and recognition from the person who works as a social actor and subject of law.

Graduates will have the professional training that the world of work demands in the current social complex productive framework, with new identities and ways of relating as a base to the implementation of innovative and creative strategies to achieve new objectives.

Professional field of action

As graduates, you will be able to work in a vast, flexible and dynamic way in the field of labour relationship, human resources, employment and administration, as well as in research and teaching. In addition to this, it enables the participation in the design of training programs within companies, public organizations and NGOs. 

Bachelor’s degree in Production of Videogames and Digital Entertainment.
Duration: 5 years.

Enter the fascinating world of the industry of the future.

Videogames are an opportunity of recreation and learning. More and more, millions of people download them to entertain themselves and many times, as an educational resource. Their creation implies a passionate process of creativity and innovation for the development in different levels and rules, as well as in their scenarios and characters.

This undergraduate course, unique in the country, offers technical training to create a videogame in its entire process of programming, from the initial idea to the final user. Besides, it proposes a number of multidisciplinary tools to make the new videogames or apps successful in the levels of downloading and circulation among the millions of proposals already in existence. The monetization and business models to have a viable product and to enable new creations and entrepreneurships are other aspects of the training that this career offers.

Professional field of action

As bachelors in Production of videogames and digital entertainment, you will be professionals capable of programming videogames to be used in game consoles, smartphones, virtual reality, educational games, intelligent apps and interactive experiences. In Argentina, there are more than a 100 companies that develop videogames. You will be able to take part in national and international group works in the creation, design, programming and art of videogames as well as develop your own entrepreneurial project in this field. 

Bachelor’s degree in Management of Technology
Duration: 5 years.
Associate degree: University Technician in Analysis of Technology. (3 years)

Be a part of the new era in innovation and technology

Technologies are transformed and they are in continuous evolution. They are a fundamental component in the development of organizations. The efficient use of technologies demands a new profile of innovative and creative professionals, capable of adapting and optimising these technologies to and for the real needs of every team work.

This programme is unique in the country and offers a multidisciplinary training, oriented to develop capacities to identify what technology is appropriate, how to implement it and who is addressed to, within the organization.

Professional field of action

This undergraduate program promotes a professional profile that integrates management knowledge, innovation, Economics and technology to perform tasks connected to the design of procedures and new technological development. It includes diverse areas of work such as purchases, operations, logistics, quality, administration, accounting, auditing, finances, work relations, commercialization, marketing, among others.

As a Bachelor in Management of Technology, you can work both in the private and public sectors, in organizations, institutions, organisms and/or companies to introduce processes of technological changes that contribute to the economic, social and environmental development.


Bachelor’s degree in Education

Deepen the academic training to widen the professional horizon

This 2-year Bachelor degree responds to a concrete historical demand that teachers have in the region of influence of UNRaf. It is oriented to strengthen the training of teachers as a key aspect to promote quality education that will foster a more just society.

This undergraduate course proposes to widen and delve into the previous academic training with new conceptual and methodological tools to favour solid opinions that will consolidate the social right of education.

Its aim is that students can complete their initial training so as to obtain a University degree that will enable them to continue post-graduate studies and encourage educational research.

Requirements for application

Teacher’s degree given by a university or non-university institution with a 4-year –curricula program in any area.


Bachelor’s degree in Food Industry

Develop biotechnologies applied to food for an expansive population.

This career proposes forming professionals with an innovative profile for the design, development, production, operation and control of processes of nutritional food production, secure and sensorially acceptable which would satisfy the wishes and necessities of the consumers and be eco-friendly.

It enables Food Industry Technicians and others with a similar degree to have access to the National University educational level to complete their scientific and technical formation in the specific field of food industry and expand the horizons of development connected to research and innovation.

Requirements for application

Technician degree given by a University with a 1800 -hour –curricula.


Computer Engineering 

Duration: 5 years

Develop digital solutions with new systems and devices connected to Internet.
The use of computers and other devices is key for our daily life and the productive development. The integrated knowledge about its functioning enhance our possibilities to adapt them to concrete needs and to boost them with new functions.
The Computer Engineering at UNRaf is an innovative proposal that combines hardware and software knowledge especially oriented to the developing of interconnected embedded systems that allow research, generation and application of new information technologies and artificial intelligence.  

Professional field of action
Computer engineers of UNRaf will be professionals trained to develop electronic systems that will integrate software to digital devices for the processing of data with multiple applications in companies and public and private organizations, with the possibility of generating their own projects as entrepreneurs.